What is Psychotherapy?

The word psychotherapy itself comes from the ancient Greek ‘psyche’ meaning breath, spirit and soul as well as ‘therapeia’ meaning medical treatment

Psychotherapy and Counselling  provides a confidential, safe and accepting space in which the problems and questions of life can be explored through the relationship between you – the client and me – the psychotherapist. Psychotherapy aims at the exploration of the relationship between us both, employing the professional methods and tools from my  training and practical experience to help enable change and growth in ways which you might experience as positive or fulfilling.

Psychotherapy can be used to treat issues such as depression, addiction, trauma, anxiety, social anxiety, existential issues such as meaninglessness, bereavement, relationship and sexual issues, alienation and loneliness, issues at or with work, spiritual emergence or emergency, parental or familial issues, issues to do with masculinity/femininity or can be used to explore the inner self without the need of a specific problem. sometimes we may not know specifically what it is that ails us, and that is also something which can be explored and discovered through psychotherapy.


How I Work

Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling  as I practice it uses a combination of techniques and methods grounded within the transpersonal perspective. This perspective ensures that the ‘whole’ person is addressed within the psychotherapy in a holistic way – which can include concerns around personal meaning, spirituality and our potential as human beings. Although we can and will look at the issues that are causing you problems in your life, transpersonal psychotherapy is not purely about you being ‘sick’ but also at what your difficulties or discomforts might mean.

In the process of therapy, we will work through our therapeutic relationship and look at what develops in the space between us, employing techniques such as dream interpretation, creative work, art and visualisation when appropriate. This will help us to get a better understanding of what is happening within your inner world and unconscious so that we can work on this material together and help you to improve your experience of life.

If this sounds like something which would interest you, I can be contacted via email at nickopsychotherapy@gmail.com or also by phone on 07914495811 to arrange a meeting

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